One of the things I love most is sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. Talks can be catered to meet your individual organization's specific needs and objectives.

Samples of speaking topics are listed below:
  • Understanding Millennials for Employers and Being Millennial, Being happy?
  • The Roadmap to the Life You've Been Waiting For - accepting the challenge, overcoming the roadblocks and committing to change
  • Redefining our Relationships - focusing on communication and expectations
  • Redefining Your Body - focusing on body image, confidence and accepting yourself
  • Redefining Your Career - where you are and where you want to go
  • Redefining Your Self-Esteem - embracing the real you, flaws and all
  • Transitioning to the New You - Taking control of the present and the future
As well as,
  • Redefining Your Relationship with Your Child - based on my book...



It is always helpful to have the support of others. A community or group atmosphere provides accountability, motivation, new friends, and a supportive structure that is important and helpful as you move through the redefinition process.

Workshops will be live and can be 2-hour sessions, half-day events, or weekends.

Some recent workshop topics are:
  • Redefining You: Becoming Who You Want to Be
  • From Chaos to Calm: De-Stressing your Everyday
  • Fail BIG: Learning Through Your Life
  • Communication 101: Effectively Communicate with your Family

Check out my Upcoming Events for information on my upcoming speaking engagements or Contact me to discuss my involvement at your next speaking event.