We all have those icky days. The ones where we feel that we just can't get it together and feel like a black cloud is following us. Well, here are some tips that just might chase those clouds away:

  • Smile - even if you don't feel like it;
  • Take a deep breath - stop and just focus on you for a moment;
  • Take a walk - change the view;
  • Think about what is right - instead of focusing on what is wrong;
  • Drink a cold glass of water - refresh you mind and body;
  • Close your eyes - think of something that makes you happy and calm;
  • Pretend - and believe that you are grateful for something in your life;
  • Feel - your heart beat, feel your life;
  • Find - something to look forward to;
  • Look up - find the beauty in the sky and the nature around you; and
  • Embrace - the good things, don't focus on the bad.

These are simple things that with little effort can change your outlook for the day.

So next time, you feel the storm floating in, push it away!