When we discuss redefining ourselves, we are speaking about describing who we are and who we want to be. For many of us, this is an ongoing process. Most of the time it can be an activity that we are used to - like getting up after a fall from a bike. Sometimes, the course of action we set for ourselves is too overwhelming and we get stuck.

As we go through life, we set goals for ourselves. Along the way, things happen and our roles change and although we need to redefine ourselves order to continue to succeed, we do not need to give up our original goals. Our goals should remain the same and once we become comfortable with our new definition, we just need to readjust the path that will get us there.

Here are some quick strategies to help you on your way to redefine yourself and do it differently:

  • Create a positive support system - time to get rid of the negative
  • Focus on yourself - not on others
  • Forget what others think about you
  • Stop making excuses
  • Set realistic and achievable goals

Remember to be honest and clear with yourself. Start with what you can do not with what you can't. The more you achieve, the easier the flow and the more confidence you will have.